reason #5 to travel to south Africa: the largest wine route in the world

reason #5 to travel to south Africa: the largest wine route in the world

The largest wine route in the world is in South Africa

Maybe you knew it already but just in case I´m telling you now, South Africa is a large wine producer, and good ones. But perhaps what you didn’t know is that this country has the largest countinue wine route in the world, the road 62.

It was the same founder of Cape Town who planted the firsts vines and made the first wine with its fruits. Later on, between the mountains and valleys of what we known today as Stellenbocsh, Franchhoek and Paarl, the first wine farms were stablished

sunset at the wine states in Stellenbosch

The statisitics confim it, South Africa produces around the 4´5 % of the worldswhide wine and that makes it the 8th country in the entire world producing more of this heavenly grape juice. With this facts, you can´t miss to taste some of the best wines in the world here.

In this route you can find the majority of the wine states of the whole country, and not only a few, over 2000 exist in the Western Cape province. More specifically between Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franchhoek valleys as we mention before.

mountain view frim the wine states in Stellenbosch

why we think you should do this route?

We love this area and we are not surprised that it´s one of the most important and beautiful attractions in South Africa. It’s really worth it to get lost in the region, and its privilage position between mountains, green valleys and blue ocean, is just jaw-dropping. if you combine all this scenario with a good wine, then the experience can’t be better.

You have where to choose from and in general this wine states and farms offers accommodation for almost all kind of budgets, good restaurants and, of course, very good wines tasting workshops at a very competitive prices. We have very beautiful and funny memories around this territory.

Likewise, Stellenbosch, it´s consider the capital of wine in this land, and it´s an absolutely delight to get lost in its streets. And the city it´s only 30 min. from Cape Town. By the way, Stellenbocsh is the second oldest city in South Africa, very interesting.

And even Franschhoek is smaller, it´s also a very charming town.

Farm houses at the wine state in Franschhoek

My Tip: Are you a wine lover and want to make a little route trip between different wine farms and taste their different wines? we can help you to organize and book your trip with different options so you don´t need to take the car for anything. Ask us for advise.

My Tip: Wine tasting is not the only activity this states have to offer. Many of these historic farms offer spa facilities, horseback riding, markets, outdoos picnincs with live music. It depends a lot of the time of the year, so it’s worth taking a look before deciding where and what to do.

My Tip: keep your camera all the time while staying in these farms. The landscape and the architectural wonders in the surroundings are jaw-dropping.

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