About Us

Find Out Why We Are Different

After a lot of searching on internet we did not find any travel agency that was specialized in road trips only through South Africa. We found only those specialized in offering luxury accommodation with the safari experience. Many of them asking for a very high minimum budget, or, in other cases, offering packages that are too standard.

But as I mentioned in another before, South Africa has much more to offer, that you can add to the unique experience of the safari. This is where the idea of specializing in road trips in through this wonderful country that we know well. That’s where the idea of Kaleidoscope South Africa came from.

Getting around South Africa by car (vehicles of two or more wheels) is easy. The roads in general are in very good condition and although there are many public gravel roads, they are well maintain. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, 4×4 vehicles are not needed. The country is easily accessible by car and many of the parks and nature reserves, such as the Kruger or Tsitsikamma Park, can be reached and visited in your own car

On the other hand, we want to offer a much closer, familiar and personalized service, both in the treatment and when organizing your trip. Absolutely everyone can contact us for advice and organization.
However, it is also aimed especially at the Spanish-speaking market so that you can have the confidence and support, especially during your stay here, of someone local who speaks your same language, who knows the country, and can advise you in any situation before, during and after your trip. This means that we even have the option, for example, of staying with us and knowing each other personally during your stay in the country, and starting your trip with a warm welcome.

In addition, we will be in contact with you throughout your trip to guarantee us all good and receive assistance and support in your own language in a foreign country if any unforeseen surgical.

In short, what differentiates us from the rest mainly is what we totally adapt to you and not vice versa.In short, what sets us apart from the rest mainly is that we totally adapt to you and not the other way around.

Why Kaleidoscope?

We understand that it may not be the easiest name to memorize, but it fits perfectly with our concept of South Africa. A Kaleidoscope of different landscapes, settings, cultures, languages, colours, flavours, intensity… a whole rainbow of possibilities.
Just turn the Kaleidoscope and discover what this wonderful country has to offer.

Know Us

Marcus and I decided to settle in South Africa, and to change the city to the savannah in 2016. This was after some time visiting the country on holiday. If someone had told me years ago where I was going to live, I wouldn’t have believed it at all. Although it seems that I was predestined for adventure, and life brought me here. We loved this place from the first moment we set foot on South African soil.

Our years are combined between here, Spain and Sweden, where we have family and friends.

We live in a private nature reserve called Balule near the town of Hoedspruit in Limpopo Province. It is part of what they call the Greater Kruger, near the National Park of the same name. Our lives took a 360-degree turn, and although it took a while to adapt, we don’t change it for nothing. We have found a connection to nature and this country that fills our lives and makes them unique. South Africa, and especially the experience of the savannah, cannot be explained in words, it has to be lived. This is where Kaleidoscope South Africa came from, so that we can help others get to know this incredible country that we are in love with.

We live a quiet life together with Sherlock, Sweetie, Kunuk and Kunik, two dogs and two cats, our family. You will find us almost always at home ( if we are not travelling ), often sitting on the terrace enjoying the views, nature, animals and Olifants River, one of the most important rivers in Limpopo Province. We also love driving and camping, both here and in Europe. We have done, and continue doing, car trips around the country, as well as soaking up the experiences of other local people, also in other African countries like Namibia or Botswana.

I personally enjoy doing yoga, in fact I am an instructor although I teach more  less now. I love photography, a passion I discovered only a few years ago actually. I have been able to develop this activity much more here since it is a unique and incredible country for lovers of all type of photography feom nature and landscape,wild life or macro photography…

I can spend hours dreaming and planning new trips, new places to visit, new adventures to live. After all, that is what life is all about, an adventure book that everyone writes.

And why South Africa? Rhetorical question… where to start. First of all we are very grateful for the opportunity that life has given us. Every day at some point, I am grateful to be here.

Many people who come from other countries choose Cape Town to live, and we understand why. It is an incredibly beautiful city that has it all, mountains, nature, beaches, endless activities to do, good restaurants, good wines, vintage markets, antiques, the list is endless. But we didn’t want to change city by city, and what makes our day to day here different is the wildlife. As literary as it sounds, it’s like that. Nature and wild animals is what brought us here and what we thought, and we were right, summary quality of life.

It is a unique experience to go to sleep listening to the call of the lions, or the hyenas, to wake up with the song of hundreds of birds, to enjoy some film sunrises and sunsets, they make every day an adventure, which awakens our curiosity. As I said before, a country like South Africa you have to experience it, cannot be explain by words, and that’s why we hope to see you here very soon.

Receive a warm greeting,

Judit Ballester