reason #1 to travel to South Africa: the safaris

reason #1 to travel to South Africa: the safaris

Choose your ideal safari

By car, on foot, by balloon or on horseback, as you choose to do. but do it, Safaris are a unique and unforgettable experience. And doing it at least once in a lifetime is a great story to remember and tell your grandchildren … or in the office..

There are countless ways to go on safari, all of them equally exciting. Therefore, choosing the one that suits you best is important because it will affect the memories and experiences that will remain with you forever. And that is our mission, at Kaleidoscope South Africa we help you find what best goes with your expectations, and of course what best suits your pocket.

The experience

The safari experience allows you to connect with nature in the most free and wild state known that remains today. Seeing the “Big Five” closer, these are, lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, and leopards, and learning more about their behavor, habits and body language is simply fascinating. Can you imagine to see them from only few meter apart? Although the list is much more extensive and interesting, of course. And good news for the ones that love and enjoy observing birds because South Africa is a paradise on this matter and there is specialized safaris for this activity. In addition, there is a wide offer of photographic safaris, also specialized. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, prepare your camera because nowhere else you will take photos like here.

One of the most beautiful emotions that I keep specially from the first safaris, is the feeling that something magical is going to happen, almost like Christmas eve as a child, exciting, amazing, unique, you immediately tune in with a feeling of euphoria and fullness , of “perfect moment”. It is a true gift for the senses, and we guarantee that it will be a totally mindfulness experience where you will even forget for a few moments who you are.

The only problem with safaris, if we can call it problem, is that they can become addictive. If you get bitten by the “bush-fever” or “kaki-fever” as they call it here, you will want to repeat and always come back. The best example is us, who even changed the fauna of the city for real lions and hyenas. The photos we include here, while incredibly beautiful, don’t do justice to what it really is.

I keep to myself the details, not to be a spoiler of the whole adventure, but without a doubt the safaris will be the best memories that you will take with you from your visit to South Africa, and probably one of the best memories of your entire life. In this post we try to get closer to the experience, but in the next post we give more details of where and how to choose your safaris. Read Reason # 2 for Traveling to South Africa: Kruger National Park and Greater Kruger

One last curious fact, the most common name for safaris around here is the word “gamedrive”. Game it is used here to refer to non-domesticated animals, wild animals, basically. And drive is driving a vehicle. Therefore it would be like a car ride to see wild animals.


My tip: Come with an open mind, the nature reserves where the safaris take place are not zoos. It is not a certain science and it is as possible that you will see a lot of animals in your first expedition, as you will see only few. Give the guide time, enjoy the moment and think it is part of the excitement.

My tip: Wear comfortable, breathable and neutral colored clothes. bring some warm clothing even if you come in summer, and don’t forget the sun protection, sunglasses and head protection, it’s almost like going to the beach. for more info you might be interested in reading the post.

My Tip: Don’t be left alone with the idea of the car safari, you can experience the safari on foot, and even in a balloon or plane, would you dare to try any of this other options!?

Bring out the adventurer you carry inside and write to us to request information without obligation. We hope to see you here soon.

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